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Where is "Domain Administration"

  1. This support guidance refers to "Domain Manager login" -

    It says, on dashboard go to Settings> Domains and find Domain Administration.

    Am I being completely obtuse, because all I see when I get to Settings>Domains is the facility to add a new domain, plus the domains I already have. Where is Domain Administration??

    I have been advised to do this by wp support (who sent me the link) to redirect my nameservers.

    You help is much appreciated.

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. did u buy domain from automattic or some other domain reseller?

    You will find domain manager on that reseller's website.

    Like if u bought it from godaddy then u have to login to godaddy and go to your cpanel to access domain manager. There you can modify the name servers.

  3. What is the URL of the blog in question?

  4. Domain is with jushost (, originally blog set up as and then domain mapped).

    I am being told the redirect is from the wp dashboard.

  5. Dashboard->Upgrades->Domains.

  6. thanks raincoaster, but that leads to same Domain page, with no sign of Domian Management

  7. Question : is it usual on for individuals to redirect the wp nameservers themselves, or is that typically a support function?

  8. Just to double-check; you've actually purchased the domain mapping upgrade, right? Because you probably won't see Domain Management until you have.

  9. yes, I bought the upgrade, to get

    Now I am midst migrating to, and this is where I have been directed by support after justhost have said the nameservers need redirecting at wp,

  10. well, seems I am not completely obtuse. I was being directed to the wrong do something I don't need to do....


    Maybe moving to was not such a good idea after all!

    Thanks for your advice anyhow!

  11. Hi, did you find a solution for this problem? I'm experiencing exactly the same thing. My registered domain is there (, but no "Domain Administration button.

  12. @jobsforlisle You will only see the domain manager option if you purchased the domain registration option through (that means the ownership of the name itself). If you purchased the domain name through another registrar and then purchase just the domain mapping upgrade at, then you won't see the domain manager option and you would need to go through the registrar where you purchased the domain in order to change any settings for the domain.

  13. @snqasim Same thing. You purchased through another company and setup domain mapping only at You only have the domain manager option if you purchased the domain registration through

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