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Where is everyone from? Country ? State ?

  1. hello,everybody
    I'm Jasy, from China.Right now It's summer and hot. and every thing is growing.

  2. I live in cloudy rainy centrak new york. Where I'm from we are the third cloudiest city in the nation (last I knew). But during them summer its in the 90's, windy sometimes and super humid.

  3. I'm in Berkshire in the UK, having moved here from London 5 years ago. It's a lot more rural where i live now, much prettier place to live.

  4. I am from Finland; just to the North from Helsinki. That means hard winter and short summer. :)

  5. I'm a writer from rural Berkshire in England and we have been having the best spring for many years. The hedgerows are ablaze with the early wild flowers and the dawn chorus is deafening at times. Long my it continue.

  6. I am from India. It means extremely hot summers. During winters, we wear sweaters, and tourists roam about in shorts :o

  7. I'm from Kerala, India (The gods own country)

  8. UK, it's rather cold at the moment, lots of rain:-(

  9. Haha I think us that are stateside are far outnumbered. Im from Greenville, South Carolina. Its hot as a mofo and about 100% humidity.

  10. 2 homes --1 in Alberta and other in Vancouver.

  11. 2 homes --1 in Alberta and other in British Columbia.

    I lived for over 40 years in Ontario.

  12. Outside of Atlanta, Ga, USA, Earth, Solar system... etc....

  13. @habituatedbuddhist. How close to atlanta? I spent some time down there in 2009.

  14. Douglasville... approx 15 miles west of downtown

  15. Dang thats pretty close. I was in the middle of atlanta. Like downtown. Peachtree street to be exact.

  16. Visiting or living? I was on Peachtree (though there are several) this evening

  17. Visiting. I was down there for about a month. I was one the peachtree street that goes right through downtown.

  18. Australia here too :)

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