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Where is Image Slider widget like i see in my theme preview

  1. where is the image slider widget

    im using itheme2, it and several other themes all show what appears to be an image slider widget just below the menu and above the posts. i thought maybe that slideshow was what im looking for but no it is not.

    basically the image slider is a horizontal bar showing a 1 x array of thumbnails, typically 5-9 that autoscrolls and has navigation subwidgets. thoughts anyone
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  2. Have you looked up the documentation on that theme?

  3. There's a link to the theme description in the footer of the theme
    live demo site

    iTheme2 also has lets you feature up to 30 posts in it’s featured post section on the home page. All you have to do to activate the Featured Posts in iTheme2 is have a sticky post with a featured image. The large featured image size is 593 wide by 261 high. Once you have set one featured image and published the post, the featured post area will appear on the front page of the blog. If you have more than 5, navigation arrows will appear on the left and right. Your visitors can then click through to see all the posts you’ve featured up to up to 30 posts.

  4. umm, i got that working "timethief" so many thanks for that concise reply. It helped me out alot!

    on a side note, i was editing the posts that i have (5) and one of the things i did was to rename some of the permalinks, meaning
    the old name was "hello world", the new name is "my first page". i did this for a few of the pages, not all and when i went back to my main page, i get an error stating "Nothing Found - It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.".

    i can get to each individual post, but not the main one (index.php?).

    how do i fix this problem?

  5. so i fixed it sort of.. i made a new post and it shows up on the main page. however, the other 5 posts are not under the newest post. they disappeared from the main page. how do i re-sync the posts?

  6. You set the number of posts you want to display on your home page here > Settings > Reading

  7. nope, i tried what you said, my setting is set to 10 and i have 7 posts and only the last 2 are showing. this all happened after i renamed the links, so is there a way to re-sync the database or do i have to recreate the 5 lost (but only from the main page).

    any ideas?

  8. btw, nice site timethief!

    you can see from my site that only the two posts (duplicate) are showing, but if you see the .....

    well, i figured it out. the post slider makes the sticky move to it, so it appears as if the posts disappear from the main page. so the image slider is really a sticky slider... now that i understand what is happening, i can now create the new posts.

    thanks again timethief for your help.

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