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Where is my 2010 in review?

  1. Is this the first time they did it? I only received my first one this year and it may be the last since I'm not on any more (will miss it)

    Very intriguing what actually pulls in the numbers, post, referrals.
    Might have to start a new blog to get one :p

  2. Here's a semi-official response about the annual reports from the data team, a.k.a. "the stats helper monkeys":

    We wanted to make absolutely sure that the blogs that received these recap emails had the right mix of activity to make it likely their authors actually wanted them.

    Knowing how offensive it can be to receive an unwanted email, we only picked a few blogs to get the email, blogs we were sure would most definitely be thrilled with the annual recap email. The bottom-line is, our helper monkeys were afraid to email blogs unless they had a mixture of many different activities.

    Clearly we made some mistakes, and we’ll fix them next year.

  3. Well it is novel a company worried about sending out too many email's - the other part is the sheer number of emails if one were sent for each blog - would need to be careful not set off every spam alarm in the universe. Cute graph!

  4. @macmanx
    Thanks for the clarification. I will not send in a support ticket.

  5. You're welcome!

  6. BTW! You rock! :)

  7. Aww, thanks! :)

  8. I would like this report for my 8 months here so far, how can I get it?

  9. @Bob
    You can't.

    ... we only picked a few blogs to get the email

  10. Why don't they install the 'auto post' feature in one's dashboard so that someone can create the post as and when they wish?

  11. That's kind of disappointing. I would've really liked an email, but it's unrealistic for us to expect an email for all the users. Well, maybe next year if I'm still around blogging.

    Anyway, keep up the incredible work, wordpress staff and monkeys. ^ ^

  12. Aww and there was me thinking I had been quite successful with my blogging this year...but alas I mustn't of been if I have not been selected for this stats thing?

    I feel all rejected now!!! ;o)

  13. I was looking forward too seeing mine after hearing about it, only to fnd i hadnt been selected :(

  14. @mmtairo
    This thread is about the 2010 Stats in Review. Please post a separate thread for any issue your cannot find and answer to after you have used the searhbox in the support documentation. >

    Please also read this so you have a clear comprehension of the differences between free blogs from and being free hosted on this multi-user wordpress.COM blogging platform, and free standing wordpress.ORG installs for self hosting. and wordpress.ORG

  15. yea I'd like to know how to get the stats in review resent.

  16. @justparadox
    You can't.

    ... we only picked a few blogs to get the email

  17. Well boo on WP for being so selective. Even if us author's get the stats email, it's still our option to post it to our blog, isn't it? Seeing as WP.Com blogs aren't java script enabled, sites like Sitemeter don't provide in-depth stats, such as referring websites. It'd sure be nice to be part of the cool crowd next year, WP!

  18. And, maybe they could put up a request form a few days before the end of the year so that if people wanted the review all they would have to do is fill out the form so that staff knows who wants there review. Then after they are sent out if staff doesn't implement the first suggestion, there should be a way for users to get it if they want it.

  19. Okay I have a seems like an obvious solution...but I am sure there is a perfectly logical reason on why it can't be done.

    I am presuming that "the stats helper monkeys" didn't sit at their desk and manually create the 2010 stats review and that they used some sort of program to do this.

    So why can't the programe be used again to collect the stats for those that want them? Why do people have to wait until 2011 before they might get them (although not guaranteed)?

    Is it not possible to have some sort of opt-in option (give a deadline) and then do a run on the programme and issue the stats?

    Just a thought...but like I said, there is probably some logical reason that this isn't done.

  20. Well, only staff can answer that. You'll get a quicker answer by asking them directly via your dashboard Help button.

  21. Haha, I just have to crack up, who added the beating dead horses tag to this thread?

  22. I've been looking and looking for my blog meter. I guess I can finally stop looking.. Can we go somewhere and get it? If not, can you fix it so we can? Also, I'm going to private hosting for my blog....will it still be available to me then?

  23. To your last question, the answer is no.

    To the others, there are LOTS of different blog meters out there. Just google for them.

  24. I am almost certain that they wernt created manually as there are still thousands of blogs that still received the e--mails. WordPress probably used some sort of automated system to decect which blogs were most needed of the stats (eg, number of posts or visitor numbers) as therre are loads of blogs that dont get updated, and therefore dont need the stats. I am assuming that WordPress would simply not be able to handle the E-mails required for every single blog so one of the above is their meausre of who needs it.

  25. I'm curious about overall stats. My blog got a WOW, which percentage of all (non dead) blogs got that?

  26. I'm curious about overall stats. My blog got a WOW, which percentage of all (non dead) blogs got that?

    A better question might be is there anyone who didn't get a "wow"? I seen a blog with only 12,000 hits that got a wow, and one with 400,000 that got a wow.

  27. there anyone who didn't get a "wow"?

    Yes there are. Maybe the report was sent to only WOWs and it was not directly based on traffic but the meter seems to calculate also updates and pictures.

  28. The review was only sent out to a certain number of blogs. as staff have said.

  29. So what this probably means is the e-mail was only sent out to people who acheived "wow"

  30. Just would like to know which percentage of all blogs got WOW, is that a big secret, dear Lords of the WordPress?

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