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where is my auto-save?

  1. My stupid husband was trying to upload a photo on my completed blog post. He clicked "Post a Photo" and went to a new page! When he tried to use the "back" button, it came back as a blank blog where is my auto-save now?
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  2. Had you saved your draft of the post, or had you already published the post?

    If the "Revisions" module is not appearing, try going to the top right of your screen to "Screen Options" to make it visible.

  3. Draft was not saved, or published. Thought auto-save would save the draft automatically, but there's no draft. Hoping WP staff could find it somewhere, otherwise will have to start all over

  4. This has been happening for some time now and Staff are aware of the issue. All we Volunteers can advise is to create a post and make it private after typing in the title. Then complete the private post and change the setting to public when you are ready to publish it.

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