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...where is my background picture?

  1. Hi!
    I need help.

    I have the CSS upgrade, and I use Sandbox 1.1 at the moment. I want to use a pattern as the blog background. It should be easy. All I have to do is load the graphic up to the blog's Media Library, and use

    body {

    But I didn't see the pic anywhere on my blog.
    I thought "well, let's try calling a pic from another site!' `body {
    background:url('');}`...didn't work as well. My blog's background just as blank as ever! What did I do wrong?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. yella - can't help with the css, but I see a cloverleaf type graphic on the right side of your blog. the file linked to in your question is just black (?)

  3. yes, it's cloverleaf (or something like that). so you saw it? Then it must be something with my screen... or browser? because all I see is white, even when I used the black pic (which is actually not all black, there's supossed to be a set of like ...umm, colorful neon bars behind the black ...ah, forget about that.)

    Thanx Jenny, that helps a LOT. I am happy now. Thank you!


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