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where is my code?

  1. i have just created a donate button through paypal and i was wondering where i paste the code into my own code?
    Blog url:

  2. You can paste this into your Visual Editor when editing a post or page. The exact steps are explained in this guide.

  3. I'm trying to create my donate button as a sidebar widget but whenever I copy the email code and paste it into the text widget it doesn't work.

  4. Could you paste the code into this thread? Please make sure that you generate the code according to the steps explained in the guide I mentioned before.

    Thank you!

  5. It looks like you may be pasting the full PayPal code, which we cannot support for security reasons.

    Please make sure that you are specifically following the guide at

    There is also a video tutorial at the bottom of the page.

  6. I created my button a little differently, I was having troubles whenever I clicked on the merchant button so I did it by going to profile - my selling tools - Manage my payment buttons etc... Is this the problem do you think?

  7. Yes, you'll need to use the email link as mentioned in the guide above.

  8. Ok I have created the button so many times by the guide and whenever I copy and paste it into a text widget nothing is working.

  9. Would you please paste your email ink from PayPal into a reply here?

    Also, which button image from were you trying to use?

  10. I'm not sure what u mean by button image. I clicked on text widget and in the text section of the widget I pasted and then clicked save.

  11. Ok I have created the donate button but whenever it gets clicked on it brings up a page error. What now? Lol

  12. I don't see the button at

    The link you're providing doesn't seem to be correct either. Please make sure that you are getting the Email link, as detailed in

  13. Oh, I took it down because it wasn't working, would it be easier for you if I put it back up?

  14. Sure, but please also make sure that you're using the Email link.

    What you provided earlier was not the Email link.

    Please refer to this guide:

  15. ok, im doing it now so ill talk you through the steps im doing so hopefully you can pick up where im going wrong.
    1. i opened up a new page and clicked on the text tab.
    2. i copy and pasted this link to create a picture <img src="" alt="" />
    3. i clicked on the visual tab and the picture is there.
    4. i clicked on the picture to select it and i then clicked the "link" button, and in the URL section i deleted the http that was there and i pasted this email link.
    5. i then clicked publish.

  16. and omg its now working lol.
    now if you could just help me get it into a text widget for my sidebar we have success? lol

  17. for the text widget i have tried:
    1. going to the donations page and clicking on text
    2. copying everything there <img src="" alt="" />
    3. pasting this into the widget
    4. and click save

  18. and omg its now working too lol

  19. lol thankyou so much for all of your help, maybe it wasnt working properly for me because i was using my ipad before, instead of the computer.

    Either way i appreciate the time you took to help me thankyou so much :)

  20. Now I have one more problem I'm trying to figure out, I need help activating meebo, iv read the support forums and that hasn't helped. Could you please talk me through it?

  21. Have you tried following the steps mentioned in this guide?

    If so, where do you exactly get stuck?

  22. Yes, I'm getting stuck after clicking on get HTML code because it brings me to a page saying its been sold :(

  23. I'm sorry but it looks like Meebo has discontinued that service, so it will no longer be possible to use the Meebo widget.

  24. Oh ok no problem, is there another widget that I could use to IM?

  25. Unfortunately, not a this time. We're looking into alternatives, but I don't know if/when we'll pick any.

  26. No problem, thanks so much for all of your help. :)

  27. You're welcome!

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