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Where is my domain email from wordpress

  1. I want to use my wordpress email on my page. I paid for the domain on wordpress.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. WordPress.COM does not provide email for domain names - see below for your options

  3. However, if I paid WordPress for a domain and WordPress is not listed as one of the domain hosted sites, why did WordPress charge me to host a domain name which now can't be used for an email address? That certainly seems counter-productive for a site that claims to be user-friendly. Now, because the domain is registered on WordPress, it is unable to be registered on any other domain hosting site such as Go Daddy, since according to Go Daddy's records, it is already registered. WordPress isn't a government agency is it? That is exactly how bureaucracy works. Kafka would love this!

  4. Upgrades on WordPress.COM are EXACTLY what they say they are no more no less

    I have a mapped domain name and custom email that matches the domain name - please see the link above if you want email to match your domain name - it can be done

  5. I am sorry if I seem terse, but as someone who did not grow up with technology and sees a preponderance of scams masquerading as dot com help, advice, and "upgrades," I have become quite jaded and caustic. I appreciate your help and I apologize for being a digital neophyte and I apologize for my ignorance.
    To summarize your explanation, I paid for something I didn't need and now in order to use the domain I purchased from WordPress as an email address, namely, I have to pay extra to WordPress for that honor. Do they give a senior citizen discount? (I am joking-although they really should!) Thanks again.

  6. Please read the link I gave you - there are some options that are free that will give you a custom domain name email - WordPress.COM does not provide a custom domain name email option so you will not be paying WordPress.COM for email - - it would make my helping here easier if they did have that as an option - some people choose also the not quite as classy domain-name (at) -

    I use my old host for email - yes I pay them for that service

    Custom domain names are nice - I like mine and it is easier to remember - I have some other friends that did not want to pay for the custom domain name and are quite happy with the

    Custom domain names are an option - not required but many people have them -

    WordPress.COM is a solid platform and the staff do many of the behind the scenes things to keep your blog up and running - they have a 24/7 staff all around the world and three massive server farms to keep your data safe and handle most any traffic that comes your way

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