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Where is my Like button gizmo?

  1. carpathianpeasant

    It says "Like" buttons are provided.

    I have no "Like" button on either of my weblogs.

    The two places where they can be checked into existence (the compose page and "extras" under appearance) are checked. I even took one out, updated, then put it back in and updated again.

    I do use Windows Live Writer.

    I would especially like the "Like" button in that bar across the top -- don't know what it's called -?Command bar.

    Thanks for any help. .

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You will see the like button when you are logged in to your wordpress account only on individual posts, not on a front or home page. This makes sense because a reader is going to "like" an individual post, not the entire blog.

    That is also true of the new "like" button which will appear after a post and before comments: you must be looking at an individual post.

    For example, I see a "like button" on this post:
    But not on your blog page:

  3. ~~ waving to Tess

    As the support entry is illustrated you may find viewing the images and reading the content to be helpful. See here >

  4. carpathianpeasant

    Thank you both for replying,

    I do see what you are saying,1tess -- tried it directly, too.

    And, timethief, I did read that page -- I just didn't look through the questions well enough to see the same question, slightly different words, a few spaces below mine.

    And, I see I have a lot more complicated question than anticiipated (as soon as I figure out what to ask), since my three readers were given a link to my blog page, not individual postings. The idea is, nobody has to read it every day; every other day is quite enough........

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