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Where is my normal New Post Page?

  1. theelephantschild

    I can only use the arrows on the scroll bar to move the type block up or down. I usually grabbed the bar below the arrow to move things faster than clicking. Now the slightest movement of the bar makes the whole thing go down an unknown amount--a lot. I can only click on the little arrows gingerly. I just had to disable 'likes and shares" and 'discussion' to get them off the type (New Post) block. And yes, there seem to be no bottom there.

  2. Ok, I can see what I think is the problem here.

    I logged in under your accounts (so it is specific to your accounts) and saw that the post editor was (as far as I can tell) infinite in length (I gave up after a while).

    I didn't see the mess, but I'm guess the size of the post editor is probably the root cause.

    We're looking into this now.

  3. I forgot to mention that you should be able to post for now via!/post/ or an app:

  4. americanelephant

    Mac, I suspect you didnt see the mess, because we have gone into "screen options" and deselected the sections that were obscuring the post editor. We have been able to post by doing so, but would like to be able to have everything working the was it is supposed to again. Thanks much for helping! We look forward to having this sorted out. :)

  5. americanelephant

    OH! Just to be clear... it is only my co-blogger, the Elephant's Child, who is having these problems on her computer. Everything works as it should for me.

  6. Yeah, it's account-specific, and you account appears to be fine.

    We're still looking into this.

  7. @theelephantschild and @theperfectipodcollection this issue should now be resolved for you and anyone else suffering from it.

    For some reason the height of your editors had both been set to over 17 Million pixels high which was hard for your browser to render ;)

    I've fixed it up so this is no longer possible and you can now resize them down to a manageable size again.

  8. theperfectipodcollection

    Dear westi, macmanx, and the elephants,

    What a wonderful surprise this morning to wake up and see the problem has been resolved. Thank you so much. I use WordPress almost every day, some days for hours at a time. This past week has been one of those experiences where you don't realize how important it is until it's gone.

    I'm also happy I was able to study the various forum issues to find americanelephant and his identical problem. While macmanx had begun to help me on my own thread, things really started to head in the right direction once I piggybacked on elephant's thread.

    Thanks; I'm stoked.


    P.S. It's too bad I can't take everybody out for a nice meal. If you're ever in Portland, I'm buying!

  9. Hooray! This is such good news.

  10. theelephantschild

    Gasp! 17 million pixels. I will settle for your "for some reason" and not ask why, just be very grateful to have it resolved. And what a joy to wake up and find it all fixed. Everything seems to be working well. I cannot thank you enough.

  11. @theelephantschild and @theperfectipodcollection I'm glad the problem was resolved but we would still need to find out where that 17 million pixels setting came from.

    Could you remember the last time you used the New Post or Edit Post screen before the problem? Did you use your usual computer and browser or perhaps used a tablet or even a smart phone? Also did you resize the editor (either Visual or Text)?

    Thank you beforehand for any information.

  12. theperfectipodcollection

    Hello azaozz,

    I only use my desktop and laptop computers.

    The problem started right after saving work, while editing a post in HTML mode. One unusual characteristic of my editing that day was the following: my wife was helping me that day (my hand is injured), and she had zoomed the text in to make it very large.

    As I said before, I also approved a clever spam message an hour or two beforehand, one that had escaped the filter and looked quite authentic. I removed it almost immediately. I did not flag it, but I still may have a copy of it on email. Nothing about it is particularly notable, except for the smooth talk.


    I hope that helps.

  13. theelephantschild

    I'm usually on WordPress several hours every day, and try to post, normally, 3 or 4 posts a day. Less lately. No tablet or smart phone.

    I had a problem a few days before this started. I had just about finished a long post that had really taken me a lot of time, and clicked the 'save', and was told that it couldn't be saved because I was disconnected, and consequently the whole thing vanished except for the first 4 lines. I was furious, but I hadn't been saving frequently as I went along, so it was probably my fault, but I had no idea why I'd been disconnected — I explored around, looking at every item on the page, but as far as I know didn't change anything. I'd had some fleeting problems with things on the page not working quite right (preview button not working for example) but they were all fleeting and went away. I'm sorry, this is no help. I didn't, to my knowledge, resize the editor—I wouldn't know how, and I don't think I did it accidentally.

  14. Thanks for the extra information. We will get to the bottom of this and make sure it never happens again.

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