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Where is my Ramdom Header?

  1. I used to use a theme that was retired. (THANKS WordPress... grrrr)
    It was functioning ok but they suggested I use a new one. Like an idiot I complied.

    I used to have an assortment of header images that would randomly appear every time anyone accessed my blog. Now I seem to be stuck with one image I choose (I can keep changing it but that's not the point), and the "Misty Lake" theme I opted to use does not seem to permit the random header option.

    Do any of the other "new" themes have a random header option? My blog does not involve photos, only words, so the only image is the header... and now I am stuck with the same header?

    Or am I?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. a) All the themes that support a header image allow a random display of header images - provided you have uploaded at least two of them.
    b) You didn't have to switch to a new theme. Retired means no longer available to newly created blogs: blogs created before a theme became retired can continue to use that theme. You can freely switch back to the theme you were originally using.

  3. I can switch back? PLEASE tell me how...

  4. The way you'd switch to any available theme. Appearance > Themes: search for the theme you want, click Activate.

  5. But... if it is retired, wouldn't it be unavailable?

  6. I answered this in my first reply: retired means unavailable to newly created blogs but still available to blogs created before the theme became retired.

  7. It took me awhile to find it.
    You seem cranky. Maybe you ought to take a break... ;)
    Thanks for your help.

  8. OK I am back to my original theme... and all my original blogroll links are no longer displayed like they had been. Blogroll links were replaced by a list of recent posts.

    ah well... adventures in blogging.

    Thanks again for your help[.

  9. When you switch from a theme to a differently designed theme, the widgets you had added get deactivated. You go to Appearance > Widgets and drag them back from inactive to Sidebar.

  10. Yeah I figgered that out, but oddly when I first switched from my old theme to a "new improved" theme, the blogroll was imported. Going back to my original theme deactivated it...

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