where is my REAL home page?

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    i have set my reading settings for the home page to show my latest posts, yet this did not happen, I don’t know where I clicked that made this blunder be, I was even forced to write an introductory post for my blog since my home page was just empty. Please help me on this. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is theway2fullconsciousness.wordpress.com.


    What is the address of the site you are talking about? The site linked to your username had many posts.



    that’s the one am talking about, those posts should be under the home page, i made a custom menu so that when all new posts go to the home page, but when I click on the page, can’t find them there… hope you understand what am saying


    Don’t create a “home” page for your posts. They are already on the “home” page which is the main landing page for your site.

    Edit your “home” page and set it back to draft. Then go to your custom menu and delete the “home” item from your custom menu. Next in the pages module click on the “view all” link and select the “home” entry and then add that to your custom menu and then save your custom menu. Now go and view your blog and force refresh the page and the home tab should link to the main front page of your site.



    thank you so much for your advise, it has worked.

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