Where is my RSS feed file?

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    There are several features that require one to add things to the RSS feed. F’rinstance, adding an image.

    But WHERE IS MY RSS FEED FILE? How can I access and add stuff if I can’t find the file?

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    Friendly reminder that SHOUTING IS VERY RUDE! :)

    The installed version of WordPress that we have here is non editable as we share the files and the themes across all of the blogs. We have covered Podcasting and what needs to go into the RSS feed in the past a few times. A simple search shows a number of threads covering this.



    a)That wasn’t shouting, that was empasizing my frustration.

    b)perhaps I should have mentioned that I am NOT talking about the non-editable blog at (whatever).wordpress.com blog, but a WordPress blog in my own domain on my own host’s server.

    c)I have read probably 15-18 different posts in the threads about RSS feeds, and nothing has answered my question.

    Let me clarify: If I click on “Entries RSS” from my blogsite, I see a lovely RSS page which includes the titles and dates and items and (hopefully) mp3 enclosures.

    That’s all well and good, but where is that file?. Now…if that file is being created from various elements, and doesn’t really exist, then how do I add things that I need to perform certain actions like inserting an image into a podcast player such as the instructions given by Podtrac:

    “Q: How do I display an image on my PupuPlayer Pro?
    A: Make sure you declare a namespace by replacing the first node with:
    <rss version=”2.0″ xmlns:pp=”http://www.pupuplayer.com/ppexplination-rtf”>

    In your feed under the <item> tag just add a special tag:
    <pp:media image=”http://www.mysite.com/myimage.jpg” />

    That is just one example of the things that could be added to the RSS feed.

    So, I have been filtering through ‘threads’, but nothing has quite explained what I should do.



    1) You were shouting and it was not called for. Use of all caps, no matter the reason, is considered rude and is unacceptably behavior. Not sure how long you’ve been on the net but that’s the way it’s been for decades.

    2) If you’re doing this for a blog hosted elsewhere, than you’re in the wrong place as this Support Forum is for those blogs hosted at WordPress.com. You need to be over here. This is covered in the big red sticky at the head of these forums.

    3) If you had read those posts, you would have discovered that the RSS feed system here on blogs hosted at WordPress.com are uneditable.

    4) To answer your new question though, the RSS feed is generated from your wp-rss.php and wp-rss2.php files. What is outputted is created on the fly and is not static. This topic has been covered extensively over on the other forums and you can find your answer there. Here‘s a link to get you started.

    Hope this helps,



    Ok, Moderator drmike. Message received loud and clear. Thank you for your prompt response. I shall take my questions to another site, as referenced in your last post.

    Sorry for the inconvenience as I mistaken thought that one WordPress forum could handle questions regarding WordPress as well as another could (thus helping any WordPress user). I’m new to this as I’ve only been accessing the internet since 1980 (first access: UT Austin).

    Good luck to all. Happy blogging.



    Unfortunely though we are not running the same version of WordPress that you are running. That’s the main reason why the forums are seperate. An answer over here does not apply all of time over there since it’s two slightly different code bases. You just saw that yourself with the question about the RSS feeds. I gave you the correct answer for what we have here. (RSS feeds are not editable for us.) I’m sorry you appear not to understand this. It’s even covered in the FAQ.

    And if you haven’t figured out what shouting is in 26 years…

    Hope this helps,

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