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Where is my web site

  1. My blog is gone. I tried to edit a previous post and now my site/blog is gone.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You have deleted the placeholder "Helllo World" post so there are no posts to display. When you publish a post, that "Nothing Found" will go away.

    Or do you mean that you were working on a draft post and it vanished?

    It's safer to post from this link than the quick post link:
    If you save your draft once, there is supposed to be an auto-save function which will show a number of revisions which you can go back to. But it has been known to malfunction.
    It's savest when you start a new post, to enter the title, type a couple of words, set the visibility to private, click Update. Continue editing and updating, and when the post is complete change it to public.

  3. Here is information about the revisions module in case your work is not permanently gone:

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