where is my website?

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    Hi my website is disappeared since yesterday.
    I bought a custom domain name with you on november and yesterday I just checked the note: you are a step beyond using your custom domain name and now I can not reach it anymore.
    Since yesterday i was already using the domain name I bought on Aruba (www.daniandcolf.it) and got the transfer.


    I checked your Store -> Domains page, and I see you have a domain mapping upgrade for daniandcolf.it setup there, but it is not currently active:

    I also checked the name sever settings for daniandcolf.it and I see that they are pointing to these name servers:


    Those don’t look right to me, but I’m not sure if you set those up for a reason. Did a web hosting provider help you set those up?

    If you wanted to switch them to point to WordPress.com so you can use the domain mapping upgrade you purchased here, you should work through the company where you purchased the daniandcolf.it domain or ask that company to help you update the name servers to these instead:


    Note that if you had any other custom DNS records setup, such as MX records for email, you’ll want to write those down or print them out so you know how to set them up again after the name severs switch. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and you don’t have email setup for the daniandcolf.it domain then you probably don’t need to worry about custom DSN records.

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