where is "return to manage theme" button

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    Is this normal; I have inadvertantly activated Koi theme.Unable to remove it. So have gone ahead decided to use it,put in blog name(as above) and tag line.Think its called tag.When I click to view site I go to a coloured page(my choice colour through the appearance theme)I am expecting to go the Koi theme with the different colour, but what I get is a screen with my chosen colour but none of the original artwork from the top of the Koi theme page. The column layout but in its original format is the same as the Koi template.
    I’m going a bit ratty trying to work things out
    Also I cannot find the “return to manage themes” button
    Any help please, much appreciated

    The blog I need help with is vintagemouse.com.



    Go to Appearance->themes and choose any other theme. Then you can re-choose Koi if you like, or just choose a different theme. You say you’re unable to change from Koi: what exact error are you experiencing, and at what point in the process?


    I log on/go to my blog/click on appearances/takes me to manage themes, have KOI theme/clicked the customise button it brings up another page a plain background with my “vintagemouse.com” and tagline on it.Have tried to change the theme but nothing works. I must have done something !!
    I’ve tried changing the theme but it does’nt change



    Go to Appearance > Background and remove the color background by clicking “clear”


    Hello, thank you for the advice, success at last.
    Sorry for the delay in reply thanks,. missed it on my email .I applied your instruction and it worked.
    End of frustration
    Alex Dale

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