Where is "Store -> Domains"

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    I am trying to transfer a domain name I purchased months ago here to go daddy….go daddy requires an authorization code. I found the directions here for getting it but the first step is “Go to Store -> Domains”

    WTF is that? I don’t see a “Store” link ANYWHERE, not on my dashboard, not anywhere on this darn site and I am 100% frustrated!

    The blog I need help with is fitwithmelissa.wordpress.com.



    If you are the admin of the blog, Store is on the left-hand side of your dashboard along with all the other options like Comments, Posts, Pages, etc.


    What a co-incidence. I had the same problem. Spent about 1/2 hr looking for “Store \ Domain”.


    same here thanks guys



    I’m trying to buy a domain right now. You’d think they would make it easy since they are making money on it. Duh! I must admit, working with WP, in general, is frustrating. Everything runs so slow, I often wonder if I lost my internet connection. I hope somebody from WP reads all the comments posted here. Also, in my opinion their training is not that good. Most of the YouTube lessons are years old and things have changed in WP. I guess you can buy training, but that idea sucks. Hey, WP wake up!



    mystoriesandcartoons.wordpress.com is no longer available.
    The authors have deleted this blog.

    We cannot begin to help you until you post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question.



    this is making me insane. where is the link? am i reading the directions wrong?



    If your are an Admin of the blog in question go to your Dashboard. <—-Look at the illustration in the information at that link. In the far left hand side column hover over Store and a flyout menu appears. In that menu click Domains.


    If I have a domain name registered thru a wordpress blog and I have my new webpage hosted for the $35 a month can I make it live with doing any of the 3 “before you switch to live mode options” as WordPress is already the dns? I don’t have the store option on the sidewinder dashboard.



    thank you timethief! it seems really obvious now. i was not looking at the full dashboard menus. maybe they should build in redundancy on every page for dummies like me? anyway, i appreciate the help.



    I just answered you moments ago here > https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/going-live?replies=3
    Please do not rabbit hop through forum threads posting the same thing into multiple threads. It’s confusing and extremely annoying to us Volunteers to have to follow behind mebers who do this. Moreover, it does not reslut in getting assistance more quickly it does the opposite.



    Ahhh … now I understand why you couldn’t see “Store” ie. the menu was collapsed so you could only see the icons. Best wishes with your blog. :)


    Even following the information of a member, in may blog there’s nowhere on the eft hand the column with this fucking Store!

    As I can’t find this Store, after a long searching and desperating, I will register my domain in another Site! It’s really badly made!



    Without your URL how can we possibly help you? If you give us the URL of the site, starting with http, we can tell at least if these instructions apply to your blog. They might now.

    And thanks for swearing at us, fucker.


    @raincoaster, I didn’t think you could help me thru my URL! Here it is:
    The problem might be, as I read in an answer by timethief, the menu has collapsed (no idea how can it happen!): so I can only see Dashboard and Profile. Can you help me someway? Thank U

    I didn’t swear you “fucker”, but the system, of corse! And I can tell you, it drives you really crazy searching through the whole WordPress site for quite an hour… sorry if I was rude!
    But I would repeat that the instructions for Registering a New Domain are badly made, because it isn’t clear where this Store should be, so you keep searching and searching everywhere!

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