Where is "Subscription Management" once I'm logged in?

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    When I leave a comment on someone’s WP blog, I get an eMail to confirm subscribing to replies. It leads to a page with all my history of comments! It wants me to create an account so I can login there directly, and I finally just did. But I can’t find any link or route from
    to the subscriptions page! The notifications button has a “View Archive” option, but it just runs a wait cursor forever.

    The Subscription Management page I want is at

    What am I missing here?


    Are you looking for a way to edit your subscription to comments? You can find that here: https://subscribe.wordpress.com/?option=comments just press unsubscribe on them. If you want to edit your blog subscriptions you can do that here: http://en.wordpress.com/following/edit/ where you can delete via the cross, or edit your notification settings.



    Yes, I found subscribe.wordpress, from the eMail confirmation messages. But they always say I should create an account “to see all my subscriptions in one place”. When I did, I couldn’t find any way to get from that account to the subscribe.wordpress settings. They seem to be totally different sites! So why did they keep nagging me to create this account when it seems useless for modifying comment subscriptions?

    And why, whenever I come here, does it force me to login, and not bring me back here? After login I have to go back to the eMail and copy the link again to get back here.

    I guess I just expect too much…



    Hi @lorenamelang – Most of what you’ve followed are comment threads, rather than blogs. Your followed comment threads don’t show up on the http://wordpress.com/following/edit/ screen, only blogs. You have followed one blog, though, and I’m not sure why it doesn’t show up there.

    I’ve reported this to the team that works on it. Meanwhile, you can still manage all your subscriptions (while logged in or not) at the old link: https://subscribe.wordpress.com/

    From now on, if you follow any blog while logged in, it will appear in this list:



    @eurello – Thanks for taking an interest!

    When I finally gave in to the nagging and clicked to create an account, I found that my LastPass already had a login for an account with “LorenAmelang” as Username, and a password I commonly used as throwaway many years ago. Your current system couldn’t find any trace of that account, for login or recovery. But that’s probably where I was logged in when I followed the one blog, and made all the comments. Looks like its info has outlasted its login…

    Just now when I came here from the link in your eMail, this page said I needed to login, and when I did, like always, it didn’t bring me back to this page. There was a nag screen about “you need to follow something”, and the “Comments I made” button just redrew that page. I guess this forum comment is probably a different area from comments on blogs or comments on comments on blogs… But none of my stuff is hooked up to my new login – and the login process should return you to the page you were trying to post from!

    Sorry, I’m a programmer… Such things in code I can’t hack unavoidably bug me.



    Hi @lorenamelang – Hmm, we don’t reuse or recycle WordPress.com usernames, so if there was already a username lorenamelang, you wouldn’t have been able to create a second one. And the blogs do show up in your logged-in account, just only on subscribe.wordpress.com and not in the other place.

    Would you mind making a screenshot of the nag screen you get when you try to log in and reply to this thread? Can you please make a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Here are instructions for how to make a screenshot: http://en.support.wordpress.com/make-a-screenshot/

    I find http://snag.gy/ to be very useful for sharing screenshots.



    Screenshots… I have some, but it doesn’t look like I can attach them here, or reply to your eMail notification. Maybe Dropbox?
    Dropbox Link

    As the name says, the Comments button produces the same message as Posts I Like…



    Hi @lorenamelang – Thanks for the screenshots, I can see them fine in Dropbox.

    I’m having a little trouble reproducing what you describe, however. Could you please walk me through step-by-step what happens? For example:

    1. While logged out, I attempt to leave a comment at http://mygroovydomain.com/post
    2. I’m prompted to log in to comment.
    3. I log in with my username and password.
    4. I arrive at this URL: (copy and paste URL) (screenshot)

    I know this seems tedious, but that level of detail will help me reproduce exactly what you’re seeing, so I can let our developers know.

    When you log in to leave a comment, it should take you back to the comment thread. But it looks like you’re being taken to your WordPress.com home page, which is what you see here:

    Thanks very much!



    1. While logged out, I attempt to leave a comment at …

    Link in your eMail took me here:

    2. I’m prompted to log in to comment.

    That takes me here, to a full page with the login fields in the middle, plus “Register | Lost your password?
    <- Back to WordPress.com”:

    3. I log in with my username and password.

    LastPass fills in my login info, and I uncheck “Remember Me”. Click Login…

    4. I arrive at this URL: (copy and paste URL) (screenshot)

    Blogs I Follow
    Find some great blogs to read
    We have fantastic blogs on WordPress.com just waiting for you to discover them, why not try:

    Checking out some blogs we recommend.
    Browsing posts by tag to find a topic you might enjoy.
    Following your friends’ blogs on WordPress.com.
    Importing your subscriptions from another service.
    Once you have followed some blogs you’ll see their latest posts appear right here.

    Same exact pages as the previous screenshots.

    Some things to check:

    LastPass involvement?
    Manual login didn’t solve this last time I tried.

    Chrome browser?
    Firefox 25.0.1 does the same thing.

    Hmmm… Ghostery has defaulted to blocking Optimizely, Quantcast, and… WordPress Stats! I’m pretty sure I didn’t choose those settings. Allowing your stats didn’t change anything – yet…

    Here’s what “Edit This Cookie” reported (looks like I’m in at least one “test group”:



    Hi @lorenamelang – Awesome, thanks for the clear steps. I can reproduce this now. I’ve reported this bug to our developers to see if they can change things so that a logged-out user attempting to comment on a forum thread is brought back to that thread after logging in, instead of to their homepage.

    Thanks for reporting this!



    Hi @lorenamelang – This should be fixed now. Thanks again for your report!



    Didn’t scroll me back to the comments like some systems do, but at least it brought me back to this page. Big improvement, Thanks!

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