Where is the API-key when using WordPress in a community?

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    I’m using WordPress-blogs for all the users on my community. I now want to add some plugins so they don’t get spam anymore, but I can’t find my API key anywhere. Is it diffrent because I’m using an mu-admin account that controles all the blogs?

    Does anyone know where to find it?



    I think you need to ask over at WordPress.org, or in the MU forums. Ours is a slightly different system here. Read the thread marked Read Me First at the top of the forums and it will elaborate on the differences.



    Actually if you’re trying to install Akismet on WordPress Multiuser, you need to be talking to the Akismet folks as you have to pay for a license. (Or get permission to use it in such an environment) That falls under their commerical use policies:


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