Where is the "archives"?

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    Okay, so I changed themes. cccloc.wordpress.com
    The first theme (Masthead) had an Archives link at the top, so all content could be archived. I changed the theme and now the Archives is not there. I need the archives. How do I get the archives button back?

    The blog I need help with is cccloc.wordpress.com.


    That was a theme specific feature of Masthead. The best way to handle this in other themes is to put the archives widget into the sidebar. It will list by month/year.



    Whenever we publish the posts automatically appear in the Archives. You can create static page and use the archive shortcode on it. Then you can include that static page in your custom menu. Alternatively you can simply place an Archives widget in your sidebar of footer widget area.



    I found the information about adding the Archives Widget, but the widget states “September 2010” not August 2011. Why would it start with 2010? We didn’t have anything to archive for 2010.

    Timethief: What’s the diff between Archives widget and Archives shortcode? Which is better?



    A custom menu allows you to display Categories in tabs along the horizontal navigation where normally only Pages tabs are displayed. If you wish you can also include Pages like an Archives page and custom links in your custom menu as well.

    g-day to you :)


    You can also create a custom menu and then create custom links to the yearly archives. The link would look something like this:


    The above would list all posts for 2011. When 2012 comes along you would have to create another custom link for the 2012 archives.



    Sorry, I forgot the link to the custom menu support page, but timethief provided that.

    G’day TT!


    The three posts I see on the main page have dates of 2010.




    What’s the diff between Archives widget and Archives shortcode? Which is better?

    If you read the information at the links I provided you will haveth answer to your question. If you do create a static page with the Archives shortcode on it and then create a custom menu then you can include a tab to it in your top navigation

    About – Archives – Calendar – Officers Roll

    If you don’t like that then use the Archives widget in your footer.



    September 2010 was when I posted them. I guess the archives starts with the last date of the post and not the current month? Even though I’ve edited the items this month, August 2011, it records it as September 2010.
    Hmmm….sorry. I guess this topic is resolved.



    Hmmm…can I change the publishing date? Because the Dues & Fair Share section is recent in the last week.

    Or do I have to make a new blog page?


    Yes, you can change the date as explained in this support document.



    Thanks Sacredpath, but I’m not sure that instruction is helpful. What I did was “type over” the post but the date stayed the same. That’s why it’s showing as September 2010. I need to change the September 2010 date to today’s date.



    Thank you all! This is resolved. THIS IS RESOLVED!



    In the Publish module to the right of the post editor, click Edit in blue next to Publish immediately. It’s in that publish module that your can edit the ate and then click “update”. Illustration and instructions where TSP pointed to above.

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