Where is the button to change from one language to the other on my Freshly Press

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    where is my multi language button that once was there and now is gone from my freshly pressed page?
    Blog url: http://vincentfarrellartist.wordpress.com/


    this is so aggravating! i speak several different languages, italian, french, spanish and 2 others and enjoyed viewing the Freshly Pressed pages in various languages. now , for some strange reason i am unable to do that, why???? i have an art blog which art, is a visual language in itself and needs no translation. could someone please tell me how to get the language button returned to my Freshly Pressed page so i may browse the many other blog sites across the globe on wordpress.com ! thank you so much for your consideration in the is matter!



    For now, language-specific Freshly Pressed instances have been moved to their language-specific WordPress.com site, for example http://fr.wordpress.com/#!/fresh/ for French.


    why should i guess what country code would be? for instance ‘fr’ for france and ‘es’ for spain and ‘it’ for italy. when i made a post previously i had people from all over the world making comments on my blog posts because visual art is universal. it was much easier with the button for multi language switching. perhaps what you dont realize is the blog that i have created for the art work of my father Vincent Farrell is appreciated in many other countries. when my father was alive he had clients from all over the world. why is wordpress.com limiting access to my blog by other bloggers in other countries and why is wordpress.com limiting my access to other bloggers in other countries on the internet?


    then what about a list of individual wordpress.com blogs sites for each country? in that way it would be possible for me to log on to the other international wordpress.com sites.



    We will be returning the language selection eventually, but I don’t have a time table for that.

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