Where is the Custom Sidebar Template?

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    I just switched to the Twenty Eleven theme. However, I hadn’t noticed that the sidebar disappears on individual posts and pages. That is really bad for my traffic.

    In your twentyeleven demo, I saw that there was a way of keeping the side bar (http://twentyelevendemo.wordpress.com/a-page-with-a-sidebar/). However, I cannot find that element in my Dashboard.

    I hope you’ll answer quickly. Otherwise I’ll have to switch back to TwentyTen.

    Help! And thank you.

    Blog url: http://tout2dieu.wordpress.com/


    Twenty Eleven leaves sidebars off of posts, but you can specify the “Sidebar Template” for the page where you want to show a sidebar. This is done on the page editing screen, on the “Page Attributes” box.



    Thanks Vanillalounge for your response.

    That worked great for the pages. However, I don’t see the same option for the articles. Can it also be done? If someone refers to my blog article, I’d like them to have the sidebar as well.

    Thanks ahead.


    I’m afraid Twenty Eleven does not show a sidebar for posts, sorry.




    OK, I’ll stay with it for a while and see the effect on my traffic. I like the fonts and the very clean look. It would be a pity to go back to the sad fonts of TwentyTen. :-)


    You can have gorgeous fonts on any theme, remember Custom Design… :)



    Riiighht… ;-)

    When the blog starts making money (or has the ambition to), I’ll consider it. Until then, $12 a year for a domain is plenty enough.

    But that said, I love WordPress!


    Not for me to say, of course, but consider how much you spend on, say, coffee (if you drink it). In a month. :)



    :-) Good try, but that argument doesn’t work with me. Not a coffee drinker (or any other drink).

    PS. I do admit I’d be tempted to try the custom thing if it was under $10 (or even better under $5) for a month. I’m not going to be tweaking the blog for a whole year.


    No problem, but let me tempt you one last time: You can still use Custom Design in Preview mode, for free, you just won’t be able to apply the changes.



    I see you’re also using the TwentyEleven theme.

    Are you satisfied with the lack of sidebar on your posts? How about the effect on traffic?


    I’m not in it for the traffic… :D



    OK, thanks again for your quick response. Over and out.


    And yes, I love Twenty Eleven. I use it on other sites too and I find that the best policy to increase traffic is solid, interesting and regular content, a beautiful theme :P and connections to Facebook and Twitter. Don’t miss the sidebar at all. Keep in mind that the footer widgets will show on your whole site, also on posts.

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