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Where is the "Dashboard"?

  1. I cannot find anything like "Dashboard", nor a blue thing on the top of the screen just after I click "login". I have never seen that thing since I registered a week ago. I have read some topics already, but I still cannot solve the problem. I am using IE7.0 and Firefox2.0, and both of them failed to load that thing.

    I've noticed that there is a script error when I use IE. It said "'adminbar' is undefined".

  2. That last line would be the problem then! Have you tried IE6 or Opera or anything? I use FF2.0, Opera and IE6 at home and can always see the blue admin bar when I'm logged in.

    Try this once you've logged in:

    It might get you to your dashboard. If it doesn't work then ping an email to support @ and see if there's anything that the admins can do to help.


  3. I can't tell is the poster is saying that they're never seen it or has seen it in the past and can't find it now. Going to go with the first one though.

    It should. The page that you land on when you log in at your blog is the Dashboard. Says it in the browser's title bar, at least it does with IE6. Also says "Welcome to' within the window.

    Hope this helps,

  4. Thanks very much indeed although my problem has not been solved yet. I tried with IE6 this morning with another computer and the dashboard didn't appear. Also, as I've mentioned already, I've also tried with Firefox2.0 but also failed.

    Please take a look at the following image that I took down from my computer.

    P.S. I've NEVER seen the dashboard. (not even once)

  5. Did you try the link I posted above?

    Did you send an email to the support (as above)?

    I'm not convinced that this is something us mere mortals can help with, I think you'll need to send that email.


  6. That has happened to me a few times. I solved it by going to the bottom of my blog and clicking the link for WordPress, then logging in with my user name and password. Then the "Dashboard" and "New Post" links reappeared at the top.

  7. Actually I'm wondering where the blue bar along the top is for this person. There are logged in since we see the blog menu. I get the bar when I'm logged in on that page

    Sending in a feedback to staff. [Feedback sent - drmike]

    edit: A thought. Since the menu bar is not Javascript driven, you do have this turned on for your browsers, right? It used to just be CSS created.

  8. I believe the OP is in China - so code may be being blocked.

  9. Actually you catch the point. The WordPress staff replied me with the same point of view. In fact, too many pages here are unaccessable for me. And the staff said that he knew a Chinese user using Tor to blog here. So I tried today and finally succeeded -- but the connection is really poor. I have to wait for minutes to load a single page.

    I'm frustrated indeed. Maybe I'll look for another place.

    I must thank for all of your kind reply.

  10. I also got this problem .Could you put the Dashboard in homepage of ,not a blue bar?

  11. Hey, I like my blue bar with my Dashboard right there. :)

  12. lkewei, The bluebar is javascript driven to allow for the folks who have multiple blogs here to have their links to them.

    Have you tried Cornell's solution up above?

    *chuckle* What's funny (no offense) about this is this is the one time I don't check the poster's IP address and it mattered in this case. :)

  13. [Deleted rudeness - drmike]

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