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Where is the Geotagged posts widget?

  1. steffiweinraub

    I'm trying to add the Geotagged post widget, but when I go to Appearance->Widgets, that widget does not appear on the menu of available widgets. Why is this and how can I get the geotagged posts widget?
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  2. I don't think it has ever existed, actually. Where are you seeing reference to it?

  3. steffiweinraub

    I see it when I go to Support->Sidebars and widgets. It's in the list of available widgets, right between "Follow Blog Widget" and "Goodreads Widget."

    But I guess if no one else is using it, I"m not missing out on anything. It's just odd that it appears in the support but not in the actual appearance page. I'm planning my blog as a travel blog so it would be useful...

  4. I don't find one here > Appearance > Widgets either. I wonder if they only appear on blogs when geotagging has been enabled on the blog.

  5. I think they've been meaning to activate it for ages, but haven't yet.

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