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Where is the html editor?

  1. Hello. When I create a new post, I can't find the html editor anymore. It looks like it has been replaced by the button "text".next to the button "visual". Could you help me?

    Thanks in advance
    Blog url:

  2. Only the label was changed - it still functions that same way.
    HTML = Text

  3. When I create a new post, I don't have the option of toggling between "visual" and "text". By default, I'm in the WYSIWYG mode. How do I find the HTML editor?

  4. @prnwkidney
    There's no point in me providing an answer that won't be correct unless you have a free hosted blog, as opposed to a self hosted install.

    No blog is linked to your username and you did not porvide an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question. Please post the URL now.

  5. Ah, maybe that's the problem - we have a .com blog:

  6. That's not the problem in this case and you URL is this one

    See here please >

    Note: You must restore the footer credit links to your theme.

    May I remove credit links such as ‘Blog at’, theme, font, or toolbar links?
    All bloggers are required to maintain the credit links, even our VIP bloggers. Please do not hide the footer credits or the toolbar with CSS after purchasing a Custom Design upgrade.

  7. When I create a new post, I don't have the option of toggling between "visual" and "text".

    Are you logging in directly to your own blog and createing posts at > Add New?

  8. Thank you! I was hitting the "New Post" quick link from my account, but the link you provided has the Visual/Text tabs I was looking for! Now I can create the tables I wanted. Thanks again.

  9. Bookmark that link! ;) You're welcome.

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