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Where is the lik to PayPal to buy credits for a domain?

  1. I went to dashboard/Upgrades and when clicking into "domain" there´s not any option to buy at PayPal as those that can be found at "Gifts" (just to mention one). I think I´m not looking at the right place, can somebody help?

  2. Options > Domains is the place to go :)

  3. no it isn't. There is no link to buy credits from paypal there.

  4. Go to Option > Domains
    Enter the domain name.

    If the DNS settings are correct you will then be taken to a screen where you can pay.

    If they are not correct then the DNS settings will be shown to you.

    You cannot pay until the DNS is in place so as to prevent people accidentally buying something they don't need.

  5. Hey thanks! Just the problem I was having, and I'm glad to find a solution.

  6. Thanks for the help!

  7. Handy, thanks for that...would help if WP made this a little clearer though...

  8. Where's the renew option though? I can't find one anywhere under the Upgrades page or the Domains page.

    The banner I'm getting telling me to renew just links me to the Upgrades page. (Why can't it link me to an actual renewal page?)

    I can't find anything relevant in the FAQs.

    A box at the bottom of the admin page suggests that I can get help by "[using] the feedback link in the upper right corner." The link doesn't exist either.

    There are already topics asking this question on the forums, however they don't show an answer other than "oh - I found it .. just not where I expected". Very annoyingly these threads are closed for further comment.

    Slightly disgruntled with the support options right now ....

  9. Agree that the help screens on how to pay for a domain mapping are, er, well, rubbish!

    I bought $15 worth of credits on the CSS link thinking that I could spend the credits as I wish - not so. I've wasted my money and I'm truly annoyed,

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