Where Is The Line Between ‘Mature’ And Regular?

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    Hello all. I have read many of the posts, and WP guideline, about the Mature rating. Although I don’t agree with WP’s position on this, I respect it. I would like to add more mature (I’d definitely go with the decription of ‘adult’ instead of ‘mature’, but whatever) content to my blog, but I see that it would render my blog less visible, due to the way WP works. That isn’t desirable to me. So I will not say much on my blog that is ‘mature’. I wouldn’t mind however, throwing in a couple links to erotic sites that I value and feel other mature readers would find interesting as well, but would not do so before knowing that it’s safe.

    Is there a way for me to submit my links to someone for approval of my blog (with those links) as a regular, rather than ‘mature’ rated, blog?

    I find it ironic that the word ‘mature’ here might actually be contradictory to it’s actual meaning. But that’s another subject and I’m not putting it out there for discussion. I’m just saying…

    The blog I need help with is arrby.wordpress.com.



    Just contact staff via your dashboard with specific examples (even make a draft post and get them to look at it) and ask. But you’ll have to wait, as apparently they’re all on a retreat somewhere till the 19th.



    But you’ll have to wait, as apparently they’re all on a retreat somewhere till the 19th.

    You make them sound like some sort of religious order!



    I think they are.



    Lol! Thanks! Later…



    I think not :) I’m as religious as a brick. I’m still in the UK too, no Florida for me. (family reasons)

    And by the sound of what you are doing just link to them and worry not.



    Best to flag links as “Not Suitable For Work” NSFW so some poor sucker at work does not end up on a site that gets them in trouble with the IT folks.

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