Where is the ‘link this’ bookmarklet?

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    I just upgraded my pc, and am setting up all my links in the new browser (firefox). I can’t find the ‘link this’ bookmarklet anywhere on WordPress anymore. Where’d they hide it?



    The Link This bookmarklet is no longer available directly on the Administration Panels that I could find. Hopefully they will add it back in the next version. In the meantime, you can check this forum post with the Javascript that recreates the Link This Bookmarklet.

    This is different from the Press This Bookmarklet. The Link This Bookmarklet allows you to quickly add a link to your WordPress Link/Blogroll from the page you are viewing, adding that page URL to your blogroll.

    The Press This Bookmarklet (see your Write Post Panel at the bottom) brings up a popup window and condensed version of the Write Post Panel with information on the page you are viewing for fast blog post writing.

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