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Where is the Plugin tab?

  1. I am in my admin panel and I do not see the Plugin tab anywhere. I am running the latest version of wordpress. What am I doing wrong?

  2. victoriacarolina

    On this version of wordpress (that is free, hosted version) there is no access to plugins or special themes. Please see the huge pink sticky/FAQ at the top of the forum for further good info....

  3. thank you

  4. I read the pink sticky but did not see any info on upgrading? Where do I go to upgrade and ultimately add plugins to my blog? Thanks again

  5. victoriacarolina

    Only upgrade you can do like that right now is buy hosting of your own somewhere and download the actual wordpress software from

  6. Please reread the pick sticky. It and the FAQ pages very plainly outlines what you can and can't do with a WP blog hosted by

  7. I ended up here when I discovered that WP does not seem to support the <object type=> tag (it would simply vanish when I saved it).

    As I have (several) sites, if I downloaded the WP software, then apparently I could use it to host the blog on another site - but would <object type=> be supported then?

    Need to run videos for my blog (on echocardiography) to work out as anticipated.

  8. victoriacarolina

    Yes. Entering only the caveat that there have been and still are some usability issues with this sort of input even in wp self-hosted (due to software issues, not simply that it can't be used as here).

    Take a look over on the forum, read the sticky at the top about how to search....

  9. Well. Thanks. What I am doing for now is simply creating a Page PopUp to show the video from another server. Not quite what I had in mind - doable though.

    Gave some thought to finding a VLOG site: but they are all Very Bad ... mostly ugly sites filled with either porno or teenagers staring at the camera saying "this is so cool". So am going to try to make things work out here.

    Again, Thanks

  10. Gave some thought to finding a VLOG site: but they are all Very Bad ... mostly ugly sites filled with either porno or teenagers staring at the camera saying "this is so cool".

    I do webhosting. You have no idea how many of these I see every day....

  11. This is still not clear to me. Can someone simply tell me what I need to do, get, or have to have a Plugins Panel?

  12. We are using WordPress MU here at We do not have access to a PlugIn Tab. We are not allowed file level access to the server or the blogs. You are thinking of the WordPress software that you download from and run yourself or pay someone to host for you.

    Hope this helps,

  13. I was trying to install this on my local hard drive, as per instructions at redirected from I can't afford to pay anyone anything. I simply want to host my own and have a Plugin Panel. I don't understand why I can't?

    EDIT: I don't know what MU is. I just signed up at WordPress.COM.

    EDIT 2: Sorry to bother the forum with 1/2 unrelated issues, and thanks to all for help. A friend eventually pointed out a small error in a file of mine.

  14. Mara, you need to be over here for support of WordPress blogs hosted elsewhere. They are the ones who help for WordPress blogs hosted elsewhere. It's like driving to Mexico when you want to go to Canada I'm afraid. :)

    If you want to use your blog located at , then you are in the right place. There is nothing for you to install on your own computer.

  15. I must be the dumbest ever to post. But I *have* a .com account AND a server on my computer via the instructions noted in past posts, linked to from the WordPress site. What confuses me is the files I download from .org are the same as I got when I signed up for .com and though now I am trying to make my computer my own server, I am getting redirected to the .org help forums? I want to use my blog as it is, improve on it, but I would like to use the Plugin Panel *even if* I have to host on my own computer. But something tells me I am missing something important with the .com vs. .org thing?

  16. The files you downloaded from are the files needed to host a WordPress blog elsewhere. You shouldn't have a need to download anything from to blog here because this is already a hosted WordPress. If you had to run and download anything, I would be somewhat worried.

    Now if what you want is to host your WordPress blog yourself, then you are right to go to the support forums. The forums are for hosted blogs.

    To make it clearer, a hosted blog is not the same as the wordpress blog you wish to host yourself. And it seems you are thinking that you can have a blog and host WordPress yourself and link them together to enable Plugins remotely hosted on your own server. Is that what you're trying to say?

  17. Something like that. Apologies for being so naive. Originally I simply wanted a PayPal Donate button, and read that one could use Plugins, then got confuzzled about the .org and mixed with my ignorance of hosting and php ...

    Thanks for all of your help. I shall try to find the proper place to ask "Is it possible to use regular Text widgets on a .com blog to create something like a PayPal button with HTML?" *Excuses herself by kicking herself out*

  18. If I recall correctly, the PayPal button requries the use of JavaScript to work fully and that's not supported on these blogs for security concerns. I remember someone was going to try it out. I don't use PayPal anymore so I can't help on this one.

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