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Where is the slogan in the "Silver is the New Black" theme ?

  1. I couldn't see it even though it's in the source code of the page... Where it is ?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. go here > Settings > General and change the Tagline on the very first line on that page and then click "save changes". If you are you logged in under the username account that registered that blog and is the Admin of that blog you will be able to change the Tagline easily here >

  3. In fact, I know how to set it, but with this very theme, it's not visible at all. If I use Kubrick for example (the previous theme I used to use), I can see it but it seems that the theme has no tagline. And I wonder why !


  4. Silver is the New Black doesn't display the tagline. You can write a substitute in a Text widget.

  5. Ok, it's strange that some theme does not comply to common data. I'm pretty sure that people won't accept a theme that discards the blog title for example. So why it's acceptable for other things like tagline ?
    I've put a text widget, but even this simple task is a pain for a such simple operation, to get something "not too ugly".

    But, anyway, it's a usable workaround even though I consider tagline discarding inexcusable.


  6. I'm wondering why are you choosing to use such an old outdated theme? There are 200 themes to choose from and I'm imagining that there will be other choices you may be more satisfied with.

  7. "I'm pretty sure that people won't accept a theme that discards the blog title for example."
    Don't be so sure! Neo-Sapien doesn't display the blog title, yet it's currently used by more than 101,000 blogs.

  8. I'm chuckling at that revelation. I just looked up this:
    Silver is the New Black
    Our 166th most popular theme
    31,612 blogs use the Silver is the New Black theme
    Launched on January 23, 2006

  9. @TT: For more chuckles: no tagline in more than 30 themes, used by about 2 million blogs.

  10. That's fascinating. Given that we cannot access our metadata on free hosted blogs our Taglines are important when it comes to the snippets that Google and other search engines display in the SERPs. Your title appears in three key spots (browsers, search result pages, external websites) and it is the single most important on-page SEO element (behind overall content). SeoMoz advises the best practice for title length is to use less than 70 characters in your title, as this is the limit Google displays in search results. I have found that if a site title and tagline don't exceed 70 characters (including space) they are displayed by Google.

  11. That's irrelevant, TT, and it will confuse other users: if you've filled in a title and tagline in Settings > General, search engines will see them even when a theme doesn't display them.

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