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Where is the word count

  1. leannewhatever

    In this age of SEO and trying to get our blogs noticed one thing we are told is that you need to have at least 300 words for google to notice you, you have taken that away from the new editor, it is so important, put it back please.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. leannewhatever

    that helps, there are over 400 replies there, I also asked about it there and couldn't find any answer to it.

    If it has been removed then we are screwed, I won't be using the new one.

  3. There are free word counters online that take seconds to access and use.

  4. leannewhatever

    Yeah, but that is another step or two or three, the point of all these things is to make it easier to use, not harder, or to take longer.
    I do know, and I've been around WP long enough they don't really care what we want, they will decide and that is it. One of these changes will spell the end of WP, they will annoy enough people that people will start leaving. I have already heard from people who have had enough. Shame really. I don't know why they can't develop a number of editors and let people decide which ones they want to use.

  5. Sorry but I'm not getting into any debate or discussion here because that's what this thread is for

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