Where is this bottom left of widget box?

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    I’m trying to remove a categories widget, and no matter where I drag the box, i can’t seem to find the “bottom left” where it should change shape and let me drop it.

    Am I just dim?





    Um, not sure where you’re getting “bottom left.” You drag it into the available widget collection. You know it’s getting over there when the other widget move out of the way to make room.

    Hope this helps,


    I still don’t follow. I have been able to add the widgets to my sidebar, by dropping them into the box headed sidebar 1… but how do I remove them from the sidebar? I’m trying to drop one into “Available widgets” but the other widgets don’t move, and it dosan’t drop..

    Thanks for your help..


    Oh, I got it.. I seem to need to throw them at the right hand side of the screen! Odd, but it works!



    What browser and version are you using by the way? Sounds like something’s not aligned correctly.


    IE but not sure what version (newish)

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