Where is Thread: ‘CSS & Paid Up-grades Comments Deleted’?

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    Several, including me, have posted to the thread –that we can not see negative comments that were posted on WP pages that asked for comments on both subjects. I checked the thread last night, saw that Ujwala (sp?) had posted ‘Oh all our comments are there now’ and it was marked “Resolved.” I checked, could not find any neg comments, Ujwala’s name or my own and posted that, then logged off. Now I can’t find the thread. I still do not know: if something is wrong with my system –for posting in Comment section of blogs (–a tech has implied that) or: if WP techs do remove neg Comments. Was the thread removed? If so: why? Anyone?



    (1) Did you use the search box to try and locate it?
    (2) Whoever started the thread can mark it resolved when their issue has been addressed.
    (3) It was a redundant thread. These two threads were the appropriate ones where the comments were intended to be placed
    (4) Most of all it wasn’t a “support question” thread and it didn’t belong on the forum.
    (5) I don’t know what happened to it but if you have something to say then I’ve given you the links to the two correct threads for these issues that you can add your comments to.
    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: I used the search box. Matt closed the thread and told you that you could email him even though you didn’t start the thread and from what I can tell you had no comments that were at issue so here’s the thread http://wordpress.com/forums/topic.php?id=3316&replies=22#post-21244



    1) Yes. –Used all the words I could remember (–early on-set Alzheimer’s???) in *SEARCH, but couldn’t find the thread, have No Clue how you did, so: Thanks!
    2) Item #10,002: things I didn’t know.
    3) Redundant? If we, Orignial poster and I, could not find our (–my 3) comments in either of those pages, didn’t seem logical to post there again/wouldn’t try those pages…but OK
    4) –Not a Support issue…? Didn’t belong? OK…. I followed someone else’s lead, posted because when I clicked on “Post” (in those pges) I got a “Security window and I thought maybe something wrong with my system –like the not being able to see right side of this posting window….
    5) –Maybe it’s obvious/everyone else knows, but Have No Clue how to find him/send e-mail…
    I was confused when I couldn’t find it, so Thanks for reply.
    PS To Cornell: no idea what Ujwala meant –I couldn’t see our names…very confusing so thanks for looking, confirming.



    hi poppy8sd, when i wrote that post and marked it as resolved was because I had seen all my comments – 3 of them – including the last two asking where my comment was on that CSS post. I’m sorry but I didnt look to see if yours had come back too but the other one that I had mentioned in my post was back too and I assumed that they’d put all back.

    But when i came back next I found them missing again and my thread closed. I give up. Anyway, I’m not spending time putting comments on those posts where they are vetted. If i have anything to say or need help, I’ll come back to the forums or as has been suggested mention it in my blog.

    And timethief when i put up the post i wasnt sure what had happened to those comments. Where would you have had me put up the post?



    Threatening to ‘restrict’ somebody’s account if they don’t quit complaining and slamming the thread shut? Great way to reassure everyone you’re not some kind of dictator who censors all criticism.

    Explaining that you have the right to moderate unconstructive comments and they have freedom to post whatever they want on their own blogs? Better. It’s called diplomacy. Get defensive, and people think you have something to hide.

    The official news blog is there to make the company look good. Throwing things open for discussion? Also to make the company look good. Comments complaining about the price of upgrades and objecting to upgrades in principle? Do not make the company look good, so do not be surprised if they disappear. As sunburntkamel suggested, take it to your own blog and send a pingback. They can delete the ping, but they won’t delete the post.



    @ poppy
    You asked about an email address support@wordpress.com

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