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Where is Tools > Export?

  1. I need to export a blog and I was told I have to go to Tools > Export

    However I could not find any place where I can click "Tools" please help

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi
    -goto the left side of your dashboard and you should see a verticle bar with icons.
    -scroll down to the last icon, it looks like a faint circle with a triangle in it.
    -when you click that it will toggle the left column to compact or to fully visible.

    -when fully visible you should see "tools" just to spots above on the bar.
    -mouse over on that and you will see "export".

    click export and you should see the page you want.

  3. Here is a support document about what you should look for:

    but you don't need to pay for a guided transfer…

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