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Where is total number of visitors in my stats? Can't find.

  1. Where do I find the total number of visitors? I've been searching for totals and there are no totals for visitors either by month or week (only by day) or even a complete total? Is there some setting? Also, The country of where views are from keeps disappearing. Can you advise? thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could someone please answer this question? Second request. Where do I find the total number of visitors? Not views, VISITORS. I've been searching for totals and there are no totals for visitors either by month or week (only by day). Isn't there a total visitors somewhere? Can you advise? thanks.

  3. The bar graph display both the number of visitors and the number of page views. Go to!/my-stats/

  4. Thank you. I went on these links you've provided but there's only day totals. I'm looking for total number of visitors for a month or total so far since I began the blog. Where would that be because I've searched everywhere and can't find it.

  5. Wait, so I see monthly for March to April but this isn't what I need. I need totals for each month of the year.

  6. I am not stats focused myself. I'll explore my stats page and find what you need and report back.

  7. Okay. I clicked my Visitors number on the main page for stats and I arrived here!/my-stats/?day=2013-04-25
    By changing the number "2013-04-25" at the end of that URL I was able to go to other dates and find the numbers for each month back to when the visitors numbers became available to us.

    Other Volunteers are probably more adept at navigating the stats area displays and locating information in them than I am. Hopefully, they will post and assist you.

  8. You should be able to get people counts per month starting for Dec 2012, by clicking on the Month above the graph - you need to do your own math -

    Quatncast has some info also - but you again need to do your own math - also note they use a 30 day month so you need to do some math to get the actual count for a month

    Note also Quatncast and WordPress.COM don't match all the time even though Quantcast is built in to the blogs here

  9. PS - the trend is your friend or something like that - fretting over daily stats will drive some people nuts - don't say you were not warned

    Also no two stats packages ever match each other

  10. @auxclass
    I could be wrong but I think what may have prompted this is the advice of a publisher or one of the self-publishing blogs and or websites that advise authors on book promotion. They advise creating a string of free blogs and social networking accounts and using them to drive traffic to author websites. They also advise securing as many followers and viewers as possible in aide of promoting published books and/or a future book launch and book sales via email and social networking campaigns.

  11. OK - my bad - I keep thinking of my modest site - yes I count totals - but I also know that if I write more I get more visitors - write less - not so many - sort of simple - and I don't get a free toaster if I reach some magic number by quad counting the same person on different blogs and such -

  12. @auxclass
    As you know have trouble seeing well and I don't waste the sight and focus I do have on number watching.

    Your needs have not been forgotten. I tagged this thread so Staff will weigh in and provide any information we two Volunteers can't provide.

  13. Hey there @ppc910,

    From what you've been asking for, I think that @auxclass referenced it, but of what we have in our stats the best solution is right at the top. Just above and to the left of the graph is a series of links with Days, Weeks, and Months.

    You can see how many visitors you have had on a per-month basis (though due to a change in how we recorded stats, that only goes back to Week 49 of 2012, or early December 2012). The total number of visitors that you've had since you first started is not available, however you can see total views by clicking on the summaries link to the upper right of the graph.

  14. Thank you all. When I go into summaries, are those numbers in the boxes for each month views or visitors?

  15. Both

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