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Where on Earth Are My X? (Or, The Hunt for That Confounded Misplaced Item)

  1. I haven't seen my house keys for more than two months. As I've already enlisted the help of my boyfriend (who brags about his 20/20 vision), my sister-in-law, the next-door neighbors, an elderly aunt (who lives in another province), and our friendly neighborhood security guards, I don't see why I shouldn't get you all in on the hunt. Getting a duplicate would be a cinch, but hunting for long-lost objects are about 20% cooler (89% cooler if it involves digging, and over 9000% cooler if you discover a lost civilization while looking).

    Got any I-Lost-My-X stories? Tips for hunting things down? Sermons for careless folks who constantly misplace their keys, glasses, the TV remote, babies, dentures, and pet arachnids? Post a link here, I'd love to hear what you've got to say!

    My blog's not really all about my keys, but this post certainly is.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The grammar Nazi in me refuses to let me rest until I say "hunting for long-lost objects *is*." Aaand now I can't find my hair scrunchie.

  3. Where on Earth is my mind!!!

  4. I once heard a Minister do a 40 minute sermon tying "I lost my keys" to "I've lost my faith". It was rather good how he used the "return to when you think you lost it" premise to "when did last use the keys" No doubt you have gone through all that.
    Have you replaced the keys and changed the locks? If so, you need to put the "old keys" behind you. We all have a few "old keys" so to speak, we need to drop down a well. Could be a relationship we keep hoping will work out. Most relationship problems need to be solved quickly before they get so rusted up that the people involved cannot unlock what made them love each other. Then again the old keys could be a goal in life you've been holding onto for a few decades. "I want to lose 100 lbs" Good! How about focusing on 2lbs just this week this week. Once we let go or re-think a problem we are more likely to succeed in forgetting about those"old keys".

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