Where s the snow??

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    WordPress where the snow falling for this year???

    We want snow……….. :(

    The blog I need help with is blognikhil.wordpress.com.


    Sheridan Wyoming is getting snow and it looks like it will for the next several days. Dress warm, it’s down in the low teens F there at night.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist :-)



    It was -72 in Yellowknife a couple of days ago.

    And as for the WordPressosphere, snow usually waits till December 1 from what I recall.


    -72? That’s insane. Who would live there?



    Only crazy people.


    Obviously. You were there for a while weren’t you?




    Yeah, but I was so crazy they sent me back.


    Yellowknife will never be the same…


    Can’t seem to get snow effect on iPad. Huh, typical!


    I was thinking the snow was javascript based, but if it is flash based, then no, you would not see it on iStuff.



    Some years ago it was javascript based, and since it follows the line of the cursor, must it not be now?


    I’ve verified with staff that it is still javascript based, so it should show up on iPads I would think.

    Of course, they may have it turned off for smartphones and tablets, because it requires a good chunk of processing power.



    I don’t see any snow on your blog. See here please > It’s getting cold in here



    I activated the snow on my blog, as I have done every year. It’s a wonderful feature that has become part of the Christmas season for me. Thanks again!

    Where is the “prevent snow” link for readers who may have problems with the snow slowing down their computers? Last year’s WordPress blog post had a link for them to stop the snow. I incorporated it into a widget that I put on my blog, but the link now takes me to my dashboard’s personal settings page. Some readers may not be WordPress members.



    All non-Wordpress members are meant to suffer?


    How do I turn it off???


    I found it under personal settings, general.


    Read the announcement. It tells how to turn it off on your site and also how you can turn it off for yourself on all wordpress.com blogs.



    I was thinking the snow was javascript based


    It is.

    From what I understand though, iOS is very picky about what javascript it will let run, most like because of high processor usage (which means heavy battery drain). I don’t know that this is the case with the snow not showing in the iPad, but I would suspect it is. On my laptop, when I’ve viewing a site with snow, my computer’s processor is running at 70-80% and after a minute or so, the fans on my laptop sound like a C-130 at take-off and my processor temperature has climbed by 35 or 40 degrees. Applying an unsharp mask to a large photo in Photoshop doesn’t do that.

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