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Where should i transfer my domain? WordPress or other place?

  1. Here is my situation : i have a own-hosted wordpress blog with own domain name. (
    I am tired for maintain it, i am not familiar with code. I decide to transfer my blog to
    I already setup my blog here, and transfer all the content. ( Now i want to use my own domain name with this wordpress blog. but my web hosting is sucks, it don't allow me to edit domain name's DNS.

    Here is my question :
    1. Should i transfer my domain name to wordpress or other domain registrar(Any suggestion?), which is better?
    2. I want my domain name has private data in whois database, it seems that wordpress can't do this. right?
    3. I have two e-mail using with my domain. Can i keep this if i transfer my domain to wordpress?

    Is there any other things i should notice?

    Thanks for giving any suggestion.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am wondering the same thing... I think you can not transfer it. Maybe transfer it to then to idk. You have to contact support @-

  3. 3) no, you cannot.

    2) if the domain is purchased from an external agency, then sure. If you purchase the domain from, then no

    1) See above.

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