where the bleep is the font size button on editor?

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    i’m on the edge of havaing a forum rage as i coudn’t find where to start a new topic! grrrrr

    have taken a good 5 mins to look for answers on finding the font button
    i accidently used it over a year ago and then it was gone!

    support, told me where to find it but it was not there
    i use 2 monitors so i can stretch the editor right across the two – just incase it’s off the page! i don’t see it
    i can, with a lot of effort, work out the codes <h2> [?] </h2> or something similar
    it’d be nice to use the drop down menue!

    i’m using OPERA – love it endless tabs! Does email in same browser – dumped micro/soft email thing
    using sleepless? theme
    help pls

    The blog I need help with is bizlinks.wordpress.com.



    Please refer to this screen shot for the location of the font sizes –> http://img2.pict.com/90/15/59/1153182/0/fontsize.png



    I’m using Opera 9.5 and it displays fine. In addition to t3ck’s link, maybe this is of some help, too:



    @ wpvstp $ @ t3ck

    thanx so much – may you be showered with a billion blessings!

    have discovered why i couldn’t find the font thingie…

    i always work in the html tab!

    i wonder if WP have a list of all the codes that are in the visual tab?
    i got into the habit not to use the visual tab as it messed up the codes of the images i posted and the links and the high lighting of text
    a dangerous place the image tab!

    strange they don’t have the text size button in the html tab
    i bet they are going to do away with the html editor
    im gone if they do that!

    its like microsoft allegedly ‘upgrading’ to make it easier for us and they treat us like infants and making one read through endless dropdown menus to get to where we want to go
    where as most of my destinations are one step only!

    look forward to seeing what you use yr blog for…..

    @ techline wow what an amazing blog – have bookmarked you for future help! love yr icon style nice an big!

    @ wpvstp – yr blog lovely v v nice! soooo calming minimalist. no clutter and short posts – have bookmarked you to keep in touch with what’s going on in wordpress. have you gone back to typepad? i see u’ve not added a new post in a little while!
    don’t stop!

    cheers and thanx for yr help


    Hi Helenodette

    I have the same issue, I cannot use the viual editor because the images I post stuff up my formatting, and it is hard to manage what I am writing. I use HTML, which is easy, but the actual tools available suck. It would be nice if I could use the same tools, as in Visual.




    hi TS!
    hopefully WP will see yr and my comments and get one of thier geeks to up date the html editor buttons
    are you travelling with a laptop to sort out yr pics to post or do you go to internet cafees?!
    be safe and stay well
    i hope your one of the freternity that put the fish you’ve caught back into the water after you’ve taken the proverbial foto!


    The visual and HTML editors are not written by wordpress. They are the TinyMCE editors, and so it would be up to TinyMCE to make the changes.



    You’re welcome!!! heleneodette,

    also thanks for the blog compliment. = )


    Although I looked at the screen shot that t3ck suggested, it still made no sense when back on the edit page. I have a button for font colour, but still can’t see/find a button for font size. Attempted the Video, but it only downloads in drips and drabs.



    There IS no button for font size. The button t3ck pointed out is your Headings button, which has various formats like various headings and alignments. It has big fonts in it, but it’s not a regular size button. Test it.


    Thank you raincoaster. I probably didn’t make my initial query clear enough; yes, I had already explored the Headings button.

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