Where the heck is the settings button?

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    I am trying to map an existing domain to WordPress. I changed the DNS to the correct WordPress ones. Now this page (http://en.support.wordpress.com/domain-mapping/map-existing-domain/) is telling me to go to “Settings –> Domains” on my blog’s dashboard. THERE IS NO SETTINGS BUTTON ON THE GLOBAL DASHBOARD. How do I find the settings?



    You’re right there is no settings button on the global dashboard. You need to be on the dashboard for your blog. Log in at WordPress.com and on the front page of WordPress.com, you’ll see the login form in the gray bar at the top left. There you will see a “My Dashboards” link – click it. Also see documentation about the Dashboard. http://support.wordpress.com/dashboard/


    Thanks! God bless!



    Your welcome. May the Buddha bless you. lol :)

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