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Where to buy domain privacy protection (for domain purchased here)?

  1. walkingbetween

    I purchased the domain and domain mapping here from, and realized that in order to prevent people from seeing my name/email/addr etc using WHOIS I need to buy domain privacy protection too.

    Is there a place where you can just buy the domain privacy, while keeping your domain here at If so, can anyone give some recommendation on trustworthy such vendors?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. I'm not sure if anyone can provide it while you've registered your domain with WP, but if you wait the 60 days then you can transfer the domain to another host and buy protection there. I read in another thread that GoDaddy does it for about $6.99 a year, and someone like 1and1 probably does it as well. So that's one way you could do it; someone else might know if there's a way to do it while your domain is with WP.

  3. walkingbetween

    yeah that's what i want to know the most, whether i can keep the domain here and get protection elsewhere... i'm lazy :-p

    thanks cjwriter

  4. walkingbetween

    does anyone know about this (if it's possible to get domain privacy protection while keeping my domain here at


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