Where to find the css for my new premium theme?

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    I bought the Handmade theme last week and have since then asked the Premium support for the css. All I can see are the changes I’ve made to my old themes css…

    Is there anywhere I can see the original css for the Handmade theme?
    I have 100s of changes I would like to do!

    When I tried to change the page color to white nothing happens!?
    #page {
    background: #FFF !important;

    What is wrong?

    The blog I need help with is bautawitch.se.


    Hi there, the following is the main CSS file for your theme: Handmade CSS file.

    I would view that file in your browser and then copy and paste it into a plain text file for you reference. Do not copy and paste the entire stylesheet into the editor as it can cause issues and some of the images used in the theme design could.

    All modern browsers have a web inspector or development tool, and that can make it much easier to identify site elements and the associated selectors. If you are not yet using that, go to Safari Preferences and to the advanced tab and at the bottom, click Show Develop menu in menu bar. Click here for an overview on using the Safari Web Inspector.

    I hope that helps and please let us know if you have any questions, and as always.


    +1 for using your browser’s built-in web inspector!

    Looking closer at this example:

    #page {
    background: #FFF !important;

    That doesn’t work because the Handmade theme doesn’t use id=”page” for the content container element. Handmade uses id=”content-container” instead so you could use this CSS to target it:

    #content-container {
    	background: #fff !important;

    You need to look at the HTML structure of a site in order to figure out what CSS is needed. Using browser tools is the best way to do it. :)

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