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    In the last week, I have had one or two problems with my blog. I didn’t post here because I knew I would be directed to the IOS forum as I use an IPad. Idid post my query there but I’ve not had one single answer and I’m very frustrated and annoyed.

    If I can’t ask for help here and don’t get answers over at the IOS support, who can I turn to for help.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is nannygoose.wordpress.com.


    What is the problem that you have?


    Hi K and thanks for replying. I recently changed my theme and wanted to use my own header. When I attempted to, the customisation page just froze every time or was extremely slow to respond when I clicked on anything, that’s if it responded at all. And when I thought I’d managed it and clicked ‘Save and Publish’ it hadn’t worked at all.

    I cleared cookies etc, re booted my iPad, cleared and then reset iPad, and tried (after Safari) Sleipnir, Opera and finally Google Chrome, which eventually worked. But it was still very slow to respond and still froze.

    It was very frustrating and I wondered why this might be happening and what I could do if and when it happens again.

    Thanks again.


    Have you added the image to your media gallery successfully? If so, what is the link to the image?

    Have you tried adding a different image to see if it is just that particular image?

    It could be due to the size of the image or the format. Do you know what format it is (eg .jpeg, .png)


    Yes, it is in the media gallery now and it happened with one other image. I assume the image is the jpeg format but I don’t know the link I’m afraid.
    The image which I was eventually successful with was from a site offering WordPress friendly headers. As I say, it has worked now but it took a while. Plus the iPad nearly went through the window. :(


    I think this is the link to the image, K…




    To help with troubleshooting. Do you know which ipad you have, what version of iOS you are using, and if you are using the most up to date version of the WordPress iOS app?


    I am using IOS 8.4, iPad2 but I’m not using the WP app as after the last update, it didn’t load at all and just took me back to home screen.

    The problems I have with the Customisation page are, still ongoing. I could not change my title or sub title. Everything just crashed and my key pad stuck. One of the engineers on the Blogging 101 managed to change my title and sub title from her PC, but I’d like to know why this is happening and what I can do in future.

    Thank you.



    I am unable to replicate this on m ipad mini (which is of a similar vintage to your ipad2). On a test site, I am able to load the customizer and switch the header image successfully using the ecto theme.

    What sort of internet connection are you using? wi-fi or cellular?


    Virgin Media, and it’s Wi-Fi I believe, Rootjosh.
    I wonder if it is because my iPad is now 4 years old. I do still have some problems even after the reset and IOS 8.4 has always been a huge problem. Can’t scroll, key pad sticks and stalls etc.

    Anyway, thank you very much for your help and time. I appreciate it.



    You could try backing down to a previous iOS version. This is about going from iOS8 to iOS 7, but the general principles apply:


    Might be more hassle then it is worth, however. And newer OS versions do have important security and operational updates.

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