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Where to host audio file?

  1. I tried hosting at google pages but they're not up yet. I also tried with google sites but that didn't work either. I've been searching through the forums for over an hour now. I'm sorry for starting a new thread if I shouldn't have. I'm just a little frustrated.

  2. What do you mean by "not up yet"? As you may have seen in previous threads, Google Pages works well for many of us as a location for MP3s.

  3. When i go to google page creator I get this message:

    Google Page Creator is no longer accepting new sign-ups.

    If you would still like to create your own free website, please use Google Sites.

    Learn more about this change.

  4. Have you done a forum search for "host audio"?

  5. I think I did, but I will do so again!

  6. I found a thread from a couple months ago with some avenues you suggested:

    Use,,, or google.

    I will give them a try

  7. Fileden works fine for me.

  8. Dropbox just opened up to the public. Although mainly about storing your files so that you can share them between computers, it also allows you to share files with others, and MP3s made public can be streamed by anyone. For example:
    So Dropbox can be added to the list of places you can host MP3s for use with the audio shortcode.

  9. Dropbox is great, but why not host right here at WordPress? It is not free but it is the best option.

    Google Page is going away, it will be merged with Google Sites.

  10. Here's what Google has to say about Pages:
    Google Pages isn't going away completely, given that existing pages will continue to work.
    The space upgrade at WordPress is $20 a year. (I presume that's per blog, so that if you have multiple blogs, you'd add the 5GB to one particular blog. But you could always put all your MP3s there, and use the audio shortcode to point to them from your other blogs, or indeed from anywhere else.)
    @ismailimail, it probably is the best option for some people. It may be worth $20 a year to have a stable, simple answer to the question of where to keep your MP3. has been pretty stable, and the simplest place to keep the files you blog about is with the blog itself.

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