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    I am sorry for the multiple posts as I have tried to figure this out. I found out what I had to do, and got the getclicky thing in my side bar on my site. This is a good sign. It will be good to see how getclicky shows my stats. Thanks again disembedded for the clarity and the code. Helped me volumes. Have a good weekend.


    Hello. It is me again. Thanks for your patience. I entered the code, got the getclicky box on my blog near the bottom right side of my blog. I have clicked on getclicky shortcut and am taken to their page. I login and look for my stats. Nothing has shown up all evening. Very curious to me. Got any ideas disembedded?

    I still have stile meter on my blog too. Is there a conflict between these two stat counters that is interfering with getclicky working. If so, how can I remove stile meter. In my newbiness I do not know where I placed stile meter’s code.



    You generally have to have a stat counter up for 24 hours before it starts returning reports. I would give it some time. I don’t know of any interference between GetClicky and Sitemeter, and think with the HTML version you’re using on both you won’t find interference.


    Hi Raincoaster,
    Thanks so much for getting back to me and the heads up. I thought I read in their literature that I would be able to receive stats about 10 minutes after I got set up and logged in with getclicky. It was like that with site meter. Interestingly, I have no stats whatsoever in get clicky. Do you think this is because of the weekend? I will keep you posted if no stats show up. Thanks again for your patience with me. Have a great Sunday.



    I think it probably means you’ve done something wrong with the installation. I wonder if they have help forums there that might have an answer for you.


    Hi Raincoaster,
    Got in touch with Sean of Get Clicky and he gave me the correct code. I am up and running. Thanks for all your help.



    So, what IS the correct code? I’m sure a lot of people are interested.


    Hi RC,
    Sean from GetClicky sent me this code. He also wanted me to know the below information.

    <img alt=”Clicky” src=”http://getclicky.com/3207ns.gif” />

    Remember that because you are using Clicky with a wordpress.com blog,
    we are very limited on the amount of information we can collect from
    your traffic. You won’t be able to see any search terms that your
    visitors use to get to your site, and you won’t be able to see
    referral links (e.g. that a visitor came to your blog via
    “somesite.com”). This is unfortunately a limitation of a wordpress.com

    While we think our product is great, and you seem to as well from your
    dedication to get it working, I just want to warn you that you might
    be a bit disappointed.


    RC, per your encouragement, I did some research and found a blog /site that gave me some insight into what is available stat counter wise out there and what those options provide. http://www.alexpooley.com/tag/getclicky . It was based on the information that I found at this site that I decided to give get clicky a look.

    Thanks for all your help in this stat counter search!



    Great, thanks for filling us in. Sean seems very helpful; maybe if there’s enough demand WordPress will find a way to work with GetClicky in the future.


    You are welcome raincoaster…glad to give back. Hey can you please me. Check the new topics.



    Can’t help; no idea.



    Hi secondchancetolive,

    No wonder the code I gave you wouldn’t work. You were giving us 12ns as your customization, when it was actually 3207ns. Grrrrrr……


    disembedded. I have no idea what you are saying. You suggested 12 ns to me. I have no idea what a 12 ns is anyway. You gave me the customized code. I tried the code you gave me and it did not work. Refer back to the first page of this thread. I merely share this with you since your suggesting that I gave you something that I know nothing about.



    No, secondchance. He’s right: You gave examples with each kind of code. The very last line of your first post has the wrong code in it, and that’s what he used when he tried to help you. Just a classic case of miscommunication.


    No problem. I had copy and pasted the instructions from Get Clicky from their instruction page to show you what I was seeing and trying to decipher—without success. Really, I had no idea what a 12ns was so that is why I communicated above. It is all good. Have a great day.



    I’m glad it’s working for you now.


    Thanks disembedded. I am glad that I did not give up the hunt, as I really like the features thus far at get clicky. Have a good day my friend.



    I will. Bye!


    Per a suggestion from Raincoaster, I have some new information per stat counters that I researched. 103Bees and Hit tail require javascript code and will not work with Word Press.
    Have a great day!

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