Where to place copyright info?

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    When I wrote my articles for Inspiration Point, there was a goal to provide encouraging and inspirational stories. Seems like I’m on the way towards this goal. Today, I want to give permission for churches and non profit organization to copy my story and use them in printed newsletter or bulletin. Of course, I’d love to know my stories are being used this way.

    I created a “copyright” page and added to the menu on my blog. I’m not sure if this is the best tact or just place it on the “About” page. I’ve had some people suggest this and would lik some insights.

    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is inspiration-point.org.



    Hi. When I went to your blog, the copyright info link on the menu was broken. Is the page actually published?

    This being said, personally, I placed the copyright info on a text widget, with a link pointing to the page providing more details.



    So, it would be best to place a short blurb with a link to a more detailed page? I’m also considering placing it on the About page and there by consolidating things. Nevertheless, it may be good to put that link you mentioned.

    I’ll look into what’s wrong with the Copyright page. I had set the About page to be its parent and did check. The page appeared when I click on it. I’ll investigate this.



    I have a “License” section as a text widget in my right menu. This gives a brief overview, with a link to a detailed info on a page.

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