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Where to report wordpress based hate sites?

  1. Hi, I just wanted to report a hate site that is using wordpress to express its views and spread hate the site itself is please direct me where I can report this or contact wordpress directly thank you.

  2. Read this, and then take the action you need to take via the form there, if it is appropriate:

  3. thank you very much

  4. thefourthangelsbowl

    TheFourthAngelsBowl (TFAB) is a celebration of Nature's decisions about the species on the earth and the human evolution of select species. TFAB reports news and updates from the Yakub Muslims - a system of science with Muslim in the title for historical purposes only.

    There are no "Personal threats," "Calls to violence" or "Impersonation of (any) private persons."

  5. Keep the arguments on the blogs. This isn't the space for them.

  6. Alright I guess no action is needed then thank you for the information though.

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