Where to set front page attributes if not static page?

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    I’m not finding the place to set the page attributes for my front page. I can select the theme format for my static pages I created, but not for my front page, which is not a defined page when looking at the Pages tab in the dashboard. Where do I go to set the front page attributes? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is coppershavings.com.


    If your main page is the standard page that shows posts, it isn’t a “page” as such. In fact it does not exist until a browser calls for it and then the wordpress and theme software create the page dynamically and send it to the browser.

    What exactly are you wanting to do to it?


    The theme has a News format, which shows each post as a snippet. Clicking on the title of the post takes you to another page with the full post. This allows the reader to see more of the content.



    Create a page in Pages > Add New, select the News template for it in the Page Attributes module, publish it, then go to Settings > Reading and set your blog front to display that page.


    Yes I understand that possibility, but the reading options with static pages doesn’t allow the home page to be the post page.


    Setting the page type to “news” takes care of that. Simply set your “news” page as the “static front page” and everything will be fine and it will show you posts in the “news” format.


    Aha! When selecting a static page as the front page, I must leave the “post” page blank (it won’t let me specify the static front page as the post page). I now have the correct setup. Thanks for your help!


    You are welcome.

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