Where’d MY DashBoard Go?

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    In the admin, my dashboard had read boom or bust: miami, which is the name of my blog, but now it reads “global dashboard”. What the heck is that? All the options i’m used to are gone. PResentation, Write, Manage. All i have left is USers, Upgrades,and Stats. Also, in stats my views were at 19,365. Now they appear as a total of 35 views. HAve i been hacked?? is this a glitch? Please help.



    see this: http://wordpress.com/blog/2007/03/05/global-dashboard/

    but the same thing has happened with my stats- very annoying.


    I cannot see my blog and I cannot post any news to my blog, why ? I only see dashboard and they say I dont have a blog, but I have one, what’s the heck ?



    You’re looking at your new “global-dashboard” not the dashboard of your blog.

    If you go to wordpress.com, sign in, DO NOT click the “Your Dashboard” link under your name. That takes you to the “global-dashboard.” Instead. look on your menu bar for the “My Dashboard” dropdown and select the dashboard from there.

    I know it’s confusing because the link to the blog dashboards used to be under your name.


    This is what I am doing. but when I log in back, it goes automaticaly to my global dashboard. And when I click on My dashboard above on the bar, the url change automaticaly toward global dashboard. That’s really weird.



    My regular dashboard was restored along with the stats. I think there was a design change that confused me. In any case, my stats are back to normal. Use the task window at the top of the global dashboard page to select your blog’s dashboard.



    I came across this same issue. I’m not a fan of how the global dashboard has been implemented – bad usability. A better way would be to list “Global Dashboard” and ‘Your Blog Name’ under your name not just “Your Dashboard.”

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