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Whered the new smileys go?

  1. what happened to the new smileys? i really liked the new ones..

  2. yes!!! there back!!

    I guess wordpress changed thier mind!

    I think It's better! alot of people do!

    but don't worry... it's not a bigof deal! :)

  3. i liked the new ones, i hope they make it where you can choose which style you want

  4. haha, now the question is, will this become the bring new smileys back thread?
    Hope they dont change again, the old smilies were better to me :)

  5. true!
    believe it or not.. I used to hate using smilies cos they all look bad, but when I first started my wordpress blog, I saw the smilies and totally loved it!! :p

    but yah it would be great if they make us choose! :)

  6. I love the new ones much better from the old ones!
    the old ones make me refuse to use smilies in WP. The style is soo bad and soooo old fashion :(
    i was soo happy when WP release the new ones! now it's disappear... >________<

  7. For wordpress sake please make option to choose!!
    i'm sure many of WP users like the new ones as much as those who dislike it. T_______T

  8. The change has indeed been reverted and options are being discussed. Sorry about that!

  9. From the number of comments it looks like 10:1 in favour of the old smilies. When you like something, say so. Staff will take note.

  10. I'm with the "good riddance" crowd. Now I don't have to look for/make substitute smilies (at least not immediately; who know what the next set of smilies'll look like). The only downside I see is that I'll have to go through all my posts and replace the smilies again.

  11. Options are good!

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